Moisture Loving Plants

We stock many plants for bog gardens and damp areas of the garden both for sunny and shadier positions. Our range includes foliage and flowering plants, native and non-native.




August Moon

fortunei Aureamarginata

fortunei Francee

Golden Tiara

Undulata Albomarginata

Sieboldiana 'Elegens'



 Athyrium felix-femina Lady fern Native

 Athyrium niponicum pictum

 Athyrium otophorum okanum

 Dryopteris erythosora

Dryopteris felix-mas Male fern Native

Matteuccia struthopteris Shuttlecock fern

Onoclea sensibilis The sensitive fern

Osmunda regalis Royal fern

Osmunda regalis 'purpurescens'

Thelypteris palustria Marsh fern Native




bulleyana Bulley's Primula

denticulata Drumstick primula

japonica 'Millers Crimson'

japonica 'Postford White'

florindae Giant Cowslip

veris Cowslip Native


vulgaris Primrose Native


 Other Moisture Loving Plants

 Angelica archangelica

Arum italicum

Aruncus sylvestris Goat's beard


Camassia esculenta 'Quamash' Common Camas Lily

Darmera peltata Umbrella plant

Dierama pulcherrimum Angel's fishing rod

Eupatorium cannabinum Hemp agrimony

Filapendula ulmaria Meadowsweet Native

Filipendula rubra venusta

Gunnera magellanica Devil's strawberry

Gunnera manicata "Giant prickly rhubarb, Chilean rhubarb"

Iris sibirica 'Perry's Blue' Siberian iris

Iris sibirica 'Snow Queen'

Ligularia dentata 'Desdemona' Leopard plant

Ligularia przewalski

Ligularia' The Rocket'

Lysimachia punctata Alexander "Golden candles, golden spire"

Miscanthus sinensis

Miscanthus sinensis 'Zebrinus'

Rheum palmatum Ornimental rhubar

Rodgersia pinnata elegens

Succisa pratensis Devil's-bit Scabious Native

Trollius 'Golden Queen'

Trollius europeus Globeflower Native




Business hours -

Sunday - Monday - Closed 

Tuesday - Saturday - Collections and orders only

We are still selling plants but only by ordering with us directly by email or by phone. Access to our nursery is only for pre - arranged collections.

Please find details of how to order on our News Page.



Plant of the month

Caltha Palustris (Marsh Marigold or King Cup)


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