Water Lilies

We stock an extensive range of water lilies. With their floating foliage and blossoms of great beauty they are the crowning glory of any pond. We have a wide array of colours and range of sizes suitable for small to large ponds and shallow to deep water.

Water lilies provide useful cover against predatory birds and reduce sunlight hence reducing algal growth.

It may be possible to source a variety not included in the catologue if required.



'Almost Black'  




'Black Princess'  

'Burgundy Princess'  

'Charles de meurville'  

'Colonel A J Welch'  






'Joey Tomocik'  

'Laydekeri fulgens'  

'Lemon Mist'  

'Madam Wilfron Gonnere'  

'Marliacea Chromatella'  

'Paul Hariot'  

'Perry's Baby Red'  

'Pink Sensation'  

'Rose Arey'  


'Walter Pagels'  

'White Sultan'  


Odora 'Firecrest'  

Perry's Fire Opal  

Perry's Orange Sunset  

Perry's Red Dwarf  

Pygmaea 'Alba'  

Pygmaea 'Rubra'  

Pygmaea helvola  




Business Hours

Closed Monday - Thursday

Open again Friday - Saturday (10.30am - 4.30 pm) for pick and collect and we will also have a selection of water plants on display.

We encourage you to book an appointment. 

Please find details on our News Page.



Plant of the month

Caltha Palustris (Marsh Marigold or King Cup)

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