Plant of the Month

Calth palustris (Marsh Marigod or King Cup)

Native to Britain also throughout Europe, North and Central Asia and North America. Once established it produces almost a ball of bright yellow flowers very early in the spring. After flowering in March and April foliage will die back but it may have a second flowering late in the year.

Caltha palustris var. palustris (syn.Caltha polypetala) Native to Iran, the Caucasus and the east Balkans. A much larger and bolder plant than the native species, flowering earlier with large single yellow flowers that continue longer than other Calthas. It throws out long stems across boggy ground into which it will root or extend out across the pond surface.

Other types are Caltha palustris 'Alba' from the Himalayas which is smaller than Caltha palustris with white flowers. Caltha palustris plena (Double Marsh Marigold) This plant has beautiful flowers which have many tightly peeked yellow petals in rosettes, longer lasting than the single form. It was first cultivated in Austria in the later 16th century.

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Plant of the month

Caltha Palustris (Marsh Marigold or King Cup)

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